Code, Texas Electricity Prices

So, I have been using Griddy for quite a while now. They provide electricity at wholesale prices in Texas. This is a blessing and a curse as the prices are usually below the Texas average, but in cases, August 2019, they can skyrocket. Griddy does provide a real-time price in the app. As far as I know, there is no API that provides these prices. In order to provide this data to myself, I have built myself a utility to do this.

It is definitely a work in progress, but it lives here.

Karl Lockhart

My name is Karl Lockhart, and I have been a Software Engineer since 2005. I enjoy solving complex problems with software. Recently, I have been working as the Technical Lead of a team working on a large, distributed, metrics system written in Go and backed by InfluxDB. In the past, I have also worked in PHP, C++ and Java on many different types of application across several industries. I love learning new things and am always up for a challenge.

You can find my resume on Google Docs, and I am always open to contact on LinkedIn.